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  Genius Loci is committed to discovering, enhancing and protecting the pervading spirit of place through sustainable landscape design. Genius loci is Latin for "spirit of place", the soul or essence of a landscape, its animating spirit. It is what gives a place atmosphere and vitality. Landscape designers have long sought to draw out the essential energy of a place through design, and many of our most beautiful and beloved landscapes are suffused with this spirit of place.

We begin to explore the landscape through rigorous site analysis, taking into account the history of the land, its present day character and its place in the larger contextual landscape. Listening attentively to our client, we guide them in determining their practical needs as well as understanding their dreams and desires. Through various site analyses looking at views, pedestrian and vehicular circulation, legal parameters, hydrology, wildlife habitat and food, micro climates created by sun, shade and temperature, we uncover an even clearer picture of a design that promotes biodiversity and a beautiful, functioning, sustainable landscape. Clear communication between designer and client throughout the process is crucial to discovering the client’s "inner landscape" and determining how and where that inner landscape intersects with the natural and built environment for a successful, working design and its execution.

Genius Loci strives to connect people and place in an ecologically sensitive way to create a dynamic, economically sustainable environment for all of us, and offer future generations of people and wildlife an alternative solution to the traditional, often short sighted, current methods of landscape design.


The "give-away" or "pot-latch" philosophy practiced by Native American tribes is the deep and abiding recognition of the sacrifices of both self and others and the transcending of self by acting and reacting on the behalf of others. Genius Loci embraces this ancient philosophy today by donating time and expertise to individuals and organizations, thereby enriching our local and global communities. A few organizations we have supported or volunteered our time to are New Orleans City Botanical Garden (post Katrina), Kindle Farm School’s "Sacred Seeds" project, Making the Most of I, Rebuilding the Putney General Store, The Grammar School, Our Place Drop-in Center, WOOL Radio, The Sonoran Desert Project, Ajo, AZ, Patrick Dougherty’s 239th "Stickwork" project, Sarasota, FL.

Click here to read about Cyndy's volunteer work with Patrick Dougherty on his most recent "Stickwork" sculpture for SMOA and Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL.

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