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  Cyndy Fine, landscape designer and gardener, has had a lifelong relationship with the creative arts and the natural environment. Fleeing the indoor worlds of fashion retail, and jewelry and graphic design and production, she happily re-inhabited the familiar environment of her childhood memory, the great outdoors, where she has worked for almost two decades.

Cyndy FineA self taught gardener, Cyndy trained with knowledgeable and talented landscape gardeners and designers; generous professionals and mentors willing to share their time and expertise. Following a four year partnership known as Flora Plena, Cyndy created her own landscape gardening business, Botanica Santera, LLC in 1999. Cyndy and her all women crew continue to provide fine garden maintenance, installation and design for most of their original clients.

After completing the graduate degree program in sustainable landscape design at the Conway School of Landscape Design in Conway, MA, Cyndy founded Genius Loci, LLC which offers ecologically conscious, sustainable landscape design and consultation. Genius Loci combines Cyndy’s years of horticultural field work with the technical skills of rigorous site analysis, drafting, and design across a range of scales. Genius Loci design is informed by the Conway School’s mission "to explore, develop, practice, and teach design of the land that is ecologically and socially sustainable". Click here to see Cyndy's "Real World, Real Results" Conway student design projects.

“I think the time is ripe for those of us in the landscape design profession to embrace the challenge of educating, inspiring and working alongside others towards the common goal of building socially, ecologically and economically sustainable landscapes. It is my belief that even one garden can make a difference in the larger contextual landscape, and I strive to educate and encourage my clients to walk softly on the earth, effecting positive change locally and globally.”

Cyndy set down her own roots in Westminster, Vermont, in the early '70s. She continues to live and work from her two-hundred-year-old farmhouse and draws inspiration from her acre of village land, which she uses as a place to experiment, learn, and play.

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